Everything You Need to Know About the Art of “Gooning”

If you’re curious about an intriguing sexual practice, look no further than gooning. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the art of gooning. From its core principles to various techniques, tips, and more, get ready to explore this unique and captivating experience.

Understanding Gooning

Gooning involves the art of repeated self-pleasure, where one approaches the brink of orgasm and then pauses before starting again. Unlike seeking immediate release, gooning focuses on prolonging pleasure and entering a heightened state of ecstasy. It’s a practice that welcomes individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, allowing for personal exploration and enjoyment.

Ways to Engage in Gooning

Gooning can be experienced in different ways to suit your preferences and desires. Whether you choose to go solo, engage with a partner, or participate in a group setting, the possibilities are vast. You can explore gooning using your hands, mouths, toys, or any other preferred form of stimulation. The key is to find what excites you and enhances your gooning experience.

Benefits of Gooning

  • Intense, full-body orgasms. The longer you edge, the more powerful the climax.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction. Prolonged pleasure exposure releases endorphins that calm the mind and relax the body.
  • Increased intimacy with partners. Gooning together builds trust and communication around desires and limits.
  • Improved body connection. You become finely attuned to arousal signals and how to manipulate them.
  • Heightened sensuality. All your senses feel intensely heightened, especially touch. Daily activities become charged with eroticism.
  • Discover new kinks or interests. The gooning trance can unearth hidden fantasies or reveal unexplored interests that you can play with.

Best Practices for Gooning

  1. Set the right environment. A comfortable space, free of interruptions, with anything you need on hand like lube, toys, pillows, etc. Dim lighting and sensual music optional.
  2. Start slowly. Caress, squeeze and tease your whole body. Move to genitals and edge, pause, squeeze base of genitals, then start stroking again. Repeat.
  3. Use lube generously. This allows for seamless stroking and re-stimulation after pausing. Reapply as required.
  4. Focus your mind. Avoid distractions and be fully present in your body. Visualize erotic scenes or scenarios to heighten arousal.
  5. Flex your pelvic floor. Gently clench your PC muscles during stimulation and as you edge. Release and squeeze for intense sensations.
  6. Pause when close to climax. Apply pressure to genitals or perineum to avoid ejaculating. Take deep breaths until the urge passes, then begin stroking again.
  7. Tease all your pleasure spots. Use fingertips, toys or vibrators to stimulate nipples, anal area, clitoris, g-spot, frenulum, etc. Explore all the places that turn you on.
  8. Ride the edge and resist climax for as long as possible. Pause or slow down stimulation the moment before orgasm, then start up again a few seconds later. Prolong this cycle.
  9. Consider partner gooning. Having someone kiss, caress and manually tease you, or masturbate together while watching each other edge, can lead to exquisite shared experiences. Discuss interests and limits beforehand and have a signal to pause if needed.

Essential Gooning Tips

Here are some key tips to enhance your gooning sessions:

  1. Embrace the freedom of going solo and indulge in expressing yourself as loudly as you desire.
  2. Don’t worry if you orgasm sooner than intended, especially in the beginning. Gooning is a skill that improves with practice.
  3. Pay close attention to the sensations in your body leading up to orgasm. Learn to recognize when to pause.
  4. Create a private gooning space, free from interruptions, where you can fully embrace the experience.
  5. Explore different approaches to gooning, such as incorporating videos, toys, or imaginative fantasies.
  6. Remember that gooning is a deeply personal experience. Feel free to explore your unique desires and fantasies, whether it’s imagining your favorite celebrity crush or indulging in feet pics.

Incorporating sex toys into your gooning practice

Incorporating sex toys into your gooning practice can enhance the experience and amplify pleasure. Vibrators, cockrings, massagers, and other toys provide stimulation without fatiguing your hands, allowing you to edge for longer periods. They can also target erogenous zones more precisely, teasing areas like the clitoris, G-spot, P-spot, or frenulum with intense stimulation. Using toys opens you up to exploring different sensations and discovering new ways of arousal.

With multiple toys or attachments, you can stimulate various pleasure points at once for a total body high. A toy that provides dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, for example, creates a feedback loop of pleasure that contributes to the trance state. For extra decadence, use a toy to edge while a partner kisses and caresses your body with their hands. Toys are a tool for solo or partnered gooning to dive deep into your sensuality.

Remember, the art of gooning is a personal journey, and it’s essential to explore it with an open mind, respect, and consent. So, embrace the possibilities, find what ignites your passion, and enjoy the thrilling experience of gooning.

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