How to Start Stamina Training with a Vibrating Masturbator

A high-quality vibrating masturbator can be an incredibly effective tool to help you strengthen your sexual stamina and gain greater control over ejaculation. Through targeted practice with devices designed specifically for enhancing sexual performance, you can retrain your arousal response and stave off premature ejaculation. Follow this step-by-step stamina training guide to improve your staying power and bring your partner to new heights of ecstasy:

  1. Attach the masturbator to your penis and turn it on to a low-vibration setting. Keep it on for 1 minute while staying relaxed, then release. This is your baseline – notice the level of arousal and how close you get to ejaculation. And this is for beginners, if you’re not new to the type of training, start at any vibration intensities you prefer.
  2. Repeat Step 1, keeping the vibrator on for 2 minutes this time before releasing. Notice any changes to your level of arousal. Increase the time in increments of 1 minute with each repeat set.
  3. Once you reach 5 to 7 minutes before ejaculation feels inevitable, you have found your starting limit. Remember this time. This is your reference point to determine when you are close to climaxing.
  4. Now begin the training sets. Attach the vibrator and turn it on, keeping it just below the vibration level and time period of your starting limit. Release immediately if you reach your limit. With practice, you can sustain vibrations for longer before needing to release.
  5. Repeat multiple sets, increasing vibration intensity and duration over time as your stamina improves. But always release before ejaculation. With consistent practice of 2-3 times a week, you may significantly boost your ejaculatory control in just a few months.
  6. Optionally, you can switch to a textured masturbation sleeve for variation to continue gaining endurance. But avoid ejaculation between training sets.
  7. Combine with other techniques. For the best results, pair the masturbator with other stamina training techniques like edging, start-stop method, and pelvic floor exercises. Combining techniques will give you more control over your arousal and ejaculation.
Arosum PulsateX sexual stamina training vibrating maturbator
Arosum PulsateX textured vibrating masturbator

With dedication and patience through this training guide, you may achieve ultimate mastery over your ejaculation and sustain mind-blowing pleasure for yourself and your partner. Keep practicing and stay consistent for the best results! While outcomes differ for each person, committing to mastery is worth the effort.

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