Unlock Your Prostate Pleasure: How to Have a Perineum Orgasm

As a man, you’re probably well acquainted with your penis and how to achieve orgasm through stroking or intercourse. But did you know you have a hidden pleasure point that can lead to even more intense orgasms? Your perineum, often referred to as the “taint”, the area between your scrotum and anus,  is rich in nerve endings, and stimulating it may activate your prostate for an explosive perineum orgasm.

As sex educator Dr. Emily Morse explains, “The perineum is a hidden gem, holding immense pleasure that can transport you to heights of ecstasy you never knew existed.”

Here’s how to unlock this secret sexual superpower:

Explore Your Perineum Solo First

The best way to discover what feels good on your perineum is through self-play. Gently massage the area with your fingers using a water-based lube. Apply firm yet gentle pressure and stroke the area. You can also pinch, rub, and tap different parts of your perineum to awaken its sensitivity. Pay attention to any sensations in your penis, scrotum, or anus to find the most responsive spots.

Use a Vibrator

For more intense stimulation, press a vibrator snugly against your perineum. The vibrating sensation will travel to your prostate, creating pleasure. Start on a low setting and increase the power slowly as you get more aroused. The choice of vibrator is also vital, a vibrator with a 3-way cock ring to squeeze your penis and balls would be a better choice.

AROSUM Underquaker Perineum & Anal Stimulator for intense orgasms
AROSUM Underquaker Perineum & Anal Stimulator

Combine Perineum Play with Other Stimulation

While stroking your perineum, rub your penis in your preferred way – fast, slow, hard or soft. You can also insert a well-lubed finger into your anus to massage your prostate directly. Combining perineum, penile and anal stimulation may lead to a super-intense prostate orgasm.

Try a Prostate Massager

For hands-free perineum stimulation, use a prostate massager. These toys are designed to massage the prostate internally while stimulating the perineum. They provide dual stimulation to the prostate for an explosive climax. Some options like the Arosum Ring’n’Rear can be controlled remotely with a partner for some interactive fun.

Have Your Partner Join In

Invite your partner to stroke, lick or massage your perineum during foreplay or intercourse. Their touch on this sensitive area, combined with the arousal of partnered sex, may help push you over the edge to a perineum-stimulated orgasm, especially if timed around ejaculation. Guide them to the spots you discovered feel best and the right pressure to apply.

The Final Goal — Achieve Perineum Orgasm

With practice and patience, you can awaken your perineum’s pleasure potential. Unleash stronger orgasms, new sensations and a deeper connection with your own sexuality by exploring this highly sensitive area. A perineum orgasm may surprise you with its power and unlock a whole new level of sexual pleasure you never imagined possible.

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