AROSUM VibeSwirl drip-shaped vibrator

The ViberSwirl offers 10 lip-biting vibration modes for exploring sensual pleasures. With a flexible tip and rigid body, this palm-sized pleasure product stimulates the clitoris and all your erogenous zones. Ribbed swirl lines winding down the sides of the vibrator add extra sensation. Unlock passions in-and-out of the bedroom solo or with a partner, simply powerful, endlessly playful.


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Hypoallergenic Phthalate-Free Materials

Expertly crafted from Antibacterial silicone, safe for those with allergies.

10 Vibration Functions

Savor 10 lip-biting good vibes from all your erogenous zones.

Shower Friendly

Designed to be splashproof, enjoy it during shower or bath but never immerse it in water.

Versatile Usages

VibeSwirl can be used on various erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples, and many others.

Whisper-quiet Motor

Have fun with non-noticing.

USB Rechargeable

Up to 90 minutes of play and easily rechargeable via USB.

All-over Vibrator Meant for Versatile Stimulation of Erogenous Zones

The Arosum VibeSwirl is a hand-held silicone vibrator as dynamic as your desires. Its drip-shaped design features a rigid body for targeted stimulation as well as a flexible tip that bends and holds its shape for versatility. Textured swirl lines winding down the sides add extra sensation for exploring erogenous zones from nipple to clitoris to perineum.

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Everything about VibeSwirl is Discreet & Easy Use

With 3 speeds of vibration and 7 pulsation patterns, the VibeSwirl inspires sensual explorations that unfold in rhythm with your body and mood. An easy-to-use interface lets you intuitively increase intensity or change vibration mode with a single button.

Soft-touch Vibe Made With 100% Platinum-grade Silicone

Made from Platinum-Grade Silicone, the VibeSwirl is as velvety soft as it is sensually stimulating. The swirling texture creates a thrumming dynamism against the skin. A lightweight yet powerful pleasure companion for solo reveries or adventuring with a partner into realms of ecstasy free of limits or labels.

Simple to use yet endlessly playful, the Arosum VibeSwirl awakens your eroticism in sublime ways. Unlock passion as individual as you are – let the VibeSwirl take you there, your pleasure, your way.

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