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  • Clitoris Vibrators

    Arosum Doe Clitoral Warming Palm Vibrator


    Craving a warming, encompassing sensation for the vulva? Hard to find the clitoris? The Arosum Doe vibrator has everything you need. Crafted from top-notch FDA silicone, the Doe is not only body-safe but delivers precise, encompassing warming massage for your entire external genital area.

    With 10 vibe modes and an IPX7 waterproof capability, it’s time to say goodbye to fumbling around and hello to effortless pleasure and relaxation in any setting.

  • Best Sellers

    AROSUM FlexDong Vibrating Strap-on Dildo


    Designed to deliver intense stimulation, the FlexDong vibrating strap-On dildo hits hidden hotspots with its angled tip and arched shaft that bends with your curves. Silky smooth FDA silicone lovingly caresses your most sensitive areas while 3 speeds and 7 vibration modes offer thrilling sensations.

    The Heavy-duty suction base lets you mount hands-free on solo journeys or steamy rides with a partner. Embrace bliss each time you unlock FlexDong’s sensual secrets.

  • Best Sellers

    AROSUM G-Rabbit Rotating G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator


    Indulge in both internal and external pleasure with the Arosum G-Rabbit vibrator. Crafted from nano antibacterial silicone, this vibrator ergonomically curved for maximum bliss. With rotating beads that hit the spot every time, the 10 vibration patterns stimulate you to clitoral climax. Experience intense vibrations that lead to a swift and enjoyable orgasm, while also providing endless hours of enthralling fun and sensual self-discovery.

  • Explore Series

    Arosum G-Snuggle Ultrasoft Sprout-shaped Unisex Vibrator


    Escape into blissful new sensual territory with the revolutionary, unisex G-Snuggle, featuring a slim, flexible body and ingenious “sprout-shaped” tip that delivers relentless waves of dual vibration to uncharted pleasure points.

    The “sprout-shaped” tip teases and hooks sensitive inner tissues, sparking intoxicating new sensations crafted for solo enjoyment or sharing with a partner.


  • Best Sellers

    AROSUM Kegelator Vibrating and Come-hither Kegel Exerciser


    Unlock unparalleled pleasure with our groundbreaking Kegel balls- the Kegelator!
    Designed with an innovative come-hither motion, this game-changing toy targets your G-spot or P-spot with precision, delivering mind-blowing orgasms.

  • Clitoris Vibrators

    Arosum LushVibe Wearable Sprout-shaped Unisex Vibrator


    Experience climaxes with the revolutionary new LushVibe! This petite powerhouse packs targeted dual stimulation to deliver blended orgasms in record time.

    The one-of-a-kind “sprout-shaped” tip hits the G-spot, clit, prostate, and beyond with expert precision, unleashing out-of-this-world sensations. Stop fumbling around and get the job done right with this satisfaction-guaranteed unisex vibrator.

  • Explore Series

    AROSUM QueerBind Lace-embellished Strap-on Harness


    Crafted with user experience in mind, the QUEERBIND features ensure a customized fit for everyone, offering both comfort and control.

  • Clitoris Vibrators

    Arosum Sapphi Detachable Strapless Strap-on Double Vibrator


    The Sapphi vibrator by Arosum combines the best of solo play and partner fun. With 3 separate controlled motors unleashing 10 intense G-spot vibrations and thumping clitoral tapping functions, this triple-threat vibe brings mind-blowing arousal.

    The versatile detachable shaft effortlessly switches between passionate me-time and thrilling couple play. Crafted in body-safe silicone, Sapphi delivers everything you crave in one premium package.


  • Clitoris Vibrators

    AROSUM VibeSwirl drip-shaped vibrator


    The ViberSwirl offers 10 lip-biting vibration modes for exploring sensual pleasures. With a flexible tip and rigid body, this palm-sized pleasure product stimulates the clitoris and all your erogenous zones. Ribbed swirl lines winding down the sides of the vibrator add extra sensation. Unlock passions in-and-out of the bedroom solo or with a partner, simply powerful, endlessly playful.

  • Double Ended Vibrators

    AROSUM VibraTwin Strapless strap-on double-ended Vibrator


    Revolutionary strapless strap-on for harness-free fun!
    Experience thrilling and hands-free pleasure with VibraTwin, this game-changing strapless strap-on features a powerful come-hither motion on one side, targeting your most sensitive areas for mind-blowing pleasure. Crafted from premium silicone for a luxurious feel, VibraTwin provides hands-free stimulation and mind-blowing sensations.
    Ignite passion, deepen intimacy, and explore new heights of pleasure together with the ultimate couples’ vibrator – VibraTwin!

  • Clitoris Vibrators

    Arosum Wavy G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrator with Built-In Heating Function


    The Wavy vibrator by Arosum warms and vibrates for big O’s. With finger fins for a secure grip and an ergonomic shape that hugs the vulvar area, this vibrator delivers 10 vibration modes and internal warming in sublime harmony.

    The smooth, flexible silicone and dual motors send wave after wave of intense pleasure inside and out. Experience Wavy’s encompassing stimulation and sensual warming touch for mind-blowing climaxes.


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