AROSUM TriPlugs Anal Trainer Butt Plug Set

Enjoy the journey towards backdoor orgasm with this three-piece silicone butt plug kit. Crafted with multi-colored premium silicone material, Its smooth and flexible texture will make your anal training progress extra sensational.


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Introducing our Pride-inspired Silicone Training Butt Plug Set! Meticulously designed to celebrate diversity and the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community.

This versatile set, designed for progressive anal training, includes three different sizes to cater to all experience levels. Begin with the small plug and gradually progress to larger dimensions, all while experiencing intense pleasure and exquisite sensations.

Unlock a World of Sensual Delights!

Every expert was once a reluctant beginner. Don’t hesitate to explore anal play; countless moments of anal pleasure await.

Each plug features a tapered tip that gradually thickens towards the flared base. Simply apply lube, and you’re ready to go.

Tips for Anal Play Novices:

Inserting and removing the toy might pose challenges for those new to anal play. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Begin by taking a few deep breaths and relaxing your anus.
  2. Ensure generous lubrication for both your anus and the toy.
  3. Adjust position and angle while inserting or removing the plug to avoid sharp pain.
  4. Exercise patience; start with smaller sizes and gradually progress to larger ones.


Color: Pride-inspired
Material: Silicone
Small: 4.49″*(114mm) in total length. 1.06″(27mm) in diameter.
Medium: 4.94″(125mm) in total length. 1.18″(30mm) in diameter.
Large: 6.02″(153mm) in total length. 1.57″(40mm) in diameter.

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AROSUM TriPlugs Anal training kit (4)AROSUM TriPlugs Anal Trainer Butt Plug Set
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