AROSUM Underquaker perineum massager

Indulge in exquisite pleasure with our revolutionary vibrating Perineum Stimulator!

Designed to deliver mind-blowing sensations, This luxurious pleasure device offers powerful vibrations and an adjustable three-way cock ring for customized sensations.
Explore new realms of pleasure with Underquaker as the Perineum Stimulator targets your sweet spot, while the cock ring enhances your stamina and pleasure.


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10 Pulsating Functions

With 10 pulsating exploratory functions to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your experience to your exact preferences. Whether you prefer slow and steady or fast and intense, the Underquaker has something for everyone.

Hygienic and Phthalate-free Materials

Body-safe coating metal and food-grade liquid silicone. Soft construction ensures that it is gentle on your body.

Intense Vibrations with Remote Control

The Underquaker boasts intense vibrations that can be easily controlled using the hands-free remote control.

Sensual Perineum Stimulation and Cock Ring

A cock ring with perineum stimulator. The vibrations are powerful yet discreet, allowing you to enjoy the sensations without drawing attention to yourself.

Waterproof IPX7

Provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling. Feel free to use it during your bath or in a pool.

USB Magnetic Charging

Easy to use and maintain. Make recharging more convenient.

Highest-quality and One-button Operation

Its soft silicone construction ensures maximum comfort, making it a pleasure to use for extended periods of time. With its easy one-button operation, you can easily switch between modes without missing a beat.

3-way Cock Ring

The ring itself is designed to enhance your erection and prolong your playtime while the vibrations are powerful yet discreet, allowing you to enjoy the sensations without drawing attention to yourself. This special design adds an extra layer of pleasure to your experience.  

Vibrating Anal Tickler

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, Arosum Underquaker can be used as an anal tickler, adding even more versatility to this already impressive toy and leaving you unforgettable experience.The Underquaker versatile sex toy will bring you more versatility to this already impressive toy .

3 Angles Adjustable Cock Ring

Arosum Underquaker provides 3 angles for different body structures.The perineum stimulator adds an extra layer of pleasure to your experience, with which you will get extreme orgasm. Go and get one to unleash your inner beast.

It’s important to note:

The Underquaker is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring you can enjoy it again and again. Simply clean it with soap and water before and after each use, and store it in a safe, dry place.

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AROSUM Underquaker perineum massager