AROSUM VibraTwin Strapless strap-on double-ended Vibrator

Revolutionary strapless strap-on for harness-free fun!
Experience thrilling and hands-free pleasure with VibraTwin, this game-changing strapless strap-on features a powerful come-hither motion on one side, targeting your most sensitive areas for mind-blowing pleasure. Crafted from premium silicone for a luxurious feel, VibraTwin provides hands-free stimulation and mind-blowing sensations.
Ignite passion, deepen intimacy, and explore new heights of pleasure together with the ultimate couples’ vibrator – VibraTwin!


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Hypoallergenic Phthalate-Free Materials

Expertly crafted from food-grade silicone. Its smooth, seamless form allows for effortless insertion and removal.

Couple Sync Fun

Get in sync with your partner: Experience unmatched pleasure with the VibraTwin Strapless Couples Vibrator

Strapless Strap-on

Unlike traditional strap-on dildos, VibraTwin's strapless strap-on design is an innovative solution for better wearing experience.

10 Vibration Modes for Every Craving

From gentle buzz to intense throbbing, VibraTwin puts 10 vibration patterns and 3 Come-hither intensities at your command to cover all your cravings.

Waterproof IPX6

Feel free to use it during your bath or wash it under the water.

Come-hither Motions

Featuring 3 speeds of come-hither motions that mimic fingers, this VibraTwin delivers relentless waves of pleasure.

USB Rechargeable

Arosum VibraTwin provides up to 45 minutes of play on a single charge; and is easily rechargeable via USB.

Remote Control

Tame each shivering sensation and make it your own. With VibraTwin's remote, you're master of this play.

Nothing Romances More Than Mutual Pleasure

Introducing the VibraTwin from AROSUM, a strapless double dildo vibrator that allows you and your partner to experience pleasure in unison with every use. With its innovative dual vibrating technology and “come- hither” motion, the VibraTwin features two separate motors that can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized stimulation, or can be synced up for a satisfying shared experience.

AROSUM VibraTwin Lesbian Double Dildo for a satisfying shared experience.

Curved Tilt For Both The G-spot & A-spot

The adjustable angle ensures mutual comfort, while the curved tilt is specifically designed to target both the G-spot and A-spot.

Couple Sync Fun

Get in sync with your partner and experience unmatched pleasure with the VibraTwin Couples Vibrator. The unique color design will add a touch of aesthetic to your intimate moments, making the VibraTwin a true ally for all your playtime adventures. 

AROSUM VibraTwin Double Dildo for a satisfying shared experience.
vibratwin double dildo

Innovative Dual Vibrating Technology & "Come-hither" Motion

VibraTwin combines dual vibrating technology with an enticing “come-hither” motion, it’s equipped with two independent motors and offers personalized stimulation like never before. Seamlessly control each motor individually to create a customized experience tailored to your desires. Alternatively, synchronize the motors for an exhilarating shared adventure, amplifying pleasure for both partners. Get ready to indulge in a truly satisfying and unforgettable sync experience with the VibraTwin.

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AROSUM VibraTwin Strapless strap-on double-ended Vibrator