AROSUM Ring’n’Rear Thrusting butt plug

The Ultimate Butt Plug for Dual Stimulation! Crafted with premium liquid silicone!
Experience intense pleasure and mind-blowing sensations with our revolutionary anal plug! With powerful thrusting and vibrating capabilities, combined with a versatile three-way cock ring, Ring’n’rear is going to provide a comfortable fit and take your pleasure to new heights.


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Anal & Cock Dual Stimulation

With its combination of anal and cock dual stimulation, the Ring’n’Rear is the perfect toy for those who crave the ultimate in pleasure.

Hypoallergenic Phthalate-Free Liquid Silicone

The Ring'n'Rear is a game-change pleasure deliverer, made from Hypoallergenic liquid silicone that can stretch to over 300%.

10 Thrusting Functions

With 10 thrusting functions to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your experience to your preferences.

Dual Motors with Remote Control

Tame each shivering sensation and make it your own. Ring’n’Rear boasts intense vibrations can be easily controlled via remote control.

Waterproof IPX7

Provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling. Feel free to use it during your bath or in a pool.

USB Magnetic Charging

Rechargeable via USB magnetic cable.

Take The Pleasure to New Heights of Ecstasy

The Arosum Ring’n’Rear delivers stimulation from every angle with its super stretchy 3-way cockring, perineum massager and thrusting liquid silicone butt plug. Its flexible yet constricting rings hugs nice and snug around your base and balls, creating a major boner while the plug’s rhythmic pounding massages your prostate for mind-blowing, all-consuming orgasms. Discover new worlds of pleasure and peak performance with this multi-faceted mastery of arousal.

AROSUM Ring’n’Rear

Stretchy 3-way Cock Ring

Arosum Ring’n’Rear is combined with a stretchy silicone 3-way cock ring that enhances both your pleasure and your partner’s, providing you with an unparalleled level of dual stimulation.

Arosum Ring'n'Rear

Savor Prolonged Arousal

While ordinary toys tease surface pleasure, Ring’n’Rear pioneers gratification with its triple stimulation of unlocking pleasure from within through cock ring, perineum massager and prostate plug. With Ring’n’Rear, experience peaks of passion and endurance like none known before.

arosum ring'n'rear Butt Plug for Dual Stimulation

Experience Pleasure Like Never Before

Arosum Ring’n’Rear plug unleashes 10 levels of Thrusting intensity through a veined silicone form that stretches to fit your depths. Stretching like a real penis, its thrusting pace pries open your backdoor. The texture is designed to massage the sphincter as it enters and exits the body, create delicious sensations during anal play.

It’s important to note:

It’s important to take proper care of your Ring’n’Rear to ensure that it stays in top condition. Be sure to clean it thoroughly after each use, using a high-quality toy cleaner to prevent contamination. With proper care, your Ring’n’Rear will continue to provide you with endless hours of pleasure and satisfaction.

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