AROSUM PulsateX Climaxing Control Masturbator

Unlock your full potential with Arosum PulsateX!
Designed for ultimate pleasure and stamina, this device features separate controlled vibrating and pulse-tapping functions that target the glans and frenulum.
Explore the perfect balance between intense sensations and improved control with Arosum PulsateX. Take charge and reach new heights of pleasure like never before!


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Hypoallegenic Phthalate-free Materials

Expertly crafted from nano antibacterial silicone. Its open sleeve with flexible flaps makes all penises suitable.

USB Magnetic Charging

Up to 60 minutes of ecstacy and easily rechargeable via USB magnetic cable.

Shower Friendly

Enjoy the PulsateX almost anywhere with its IPX6 waterproof rating, even during your shower or bath, but never submerge it in water.

Quake the Sensations

PulsateX features 10 Glans massage intensities & 10 Penis-tapping patterns at your command to quake all your sensations.

Rumbly and Rhythmic

The PulsateX's strong motors make a rumbly and rhythmic sound when in use.

Compact by Design

Fits in the palm of your hand, sized for on-the-go enjoyment anytime.

Unleash Your Endurance, Embrace Unlimited Pleasure

Train to last longer and perform better with the AROSUM PulsateX. Take your ecstasy and endurance to new heights with the ultimate masturbator for confidence in your peak performance.

One Size Fits All in Ecstasy

The open sleeve contours around most penises with flexible and textured flaps that wrap your penis in waves of pleasure.

Work Your Glans

The PulsateX targets your most sensitive pleasure points, the glans, with pulsating vibrations. Inverted, it drowns your scrotum and perineum in pleasure. 

Stamina-boosting Powerhouse

With 10 vibration modes and 10 rhythms of frenulum-tapping pleasure, the PulsateX masturbator is a stamina-boosting powerhouse.  Experience the ultimate in endurance practice for performance that will leave your partner gasping.

Have trouble climaxing?

Vibration has been proven effective in aiding conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed climax, and difficulty reaching climax. Research indicates that the stop-start technique can be effective for 45 to 65 percent of individuals with premature ejaculation. Practicing start-stop with PulsateX could enhance the efficiency of this process.

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